Senegal—Industrial Baseline Analysis

Client: Multinational corporation

Duration: 2017-2018

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Senegal

Solutions: Sustainable Business

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) provided expert advisory services to support an international oil and gas company’s local content initiatives in Senegal’s oil and gas sector through an industrial baseline study, strategic planning, and the development of procurement strategies.

To provide this support, SBG used its proprietary Local Content Optimization Model platform to conduct an industrial baseline study. The assessment included breaking down the client’s expected spending across the relevant supply chain categories, conducting surveys with local goods and service suppliers in Senegal, and interviews with key experts on the Senegalese oil and gas industry. The results of the surveys were mapped to the demand breakdown to forecast total local content. SBG used these findings to identify supply chain categories with high local content potential, which were incorporated into planning and procurement documents. The study provided key insights into how the company could use the procurement process to ensure that the benefits of their investment could be realized by the Senegalese economy. Deliverables included a full report and analysis of the data and tendering documents for use with the client’s Tier 1 contractors.



Ghana—Western Region Coastal Foundation (WRCF)

The Western Region Coastal Foundation promotes inclusive economic growth for communities affected by Ghana’s burgeoning oil and gas industry by helping to build up local supply chains, in addition to providing a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform for government agencies, oil companies, and coastal communities to better share challenges and solutions.

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