Regional—EcoMicro Assessment

Client: Inter-American Development Bank

Duration: 2019-2019

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: Multiple

Solutions: Sustainable Business

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) prepared a presentation of analysis to support EcoMicro’s application to the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) for investment funds to complement EcoMicro projects that are developing and piloting mitigation finance for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The analysis projects the energy savings and GHG emissions reduction that will be achieved when the prospective beneficiaries of the CTF investment switch from fossil fuel-based technologies to clean technologies. This assessment was based on a projected investment of 765 loans, 300 to low-income households, and 465 to micro, small, and medium enterprises. The report provides analysis based on information provided by EcoMicro, information from desktop research, and SBG’s expertise.



Oman—National Cross-Sector ICV Strategy

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) led Petroleum Development Oman’s (PDO) effort to develop a National Cross-Sector ICV Strategy.

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