Paraguay—Technical Assistance for Institutional Strengthening of National Entities for Environmental and Forestry Governance

Client: European Union

Duration: 2024-2028

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: Paraguay

Solutions: Environment Governance

Paraguay faces one of the highest rates of forest loss in Latin America, with ecosystems increasingly under pressure due to wildfires, a lack of conservation capacity, illegal logging, and charcoal production. The country’s economy, reliant on extensive use of natural resources such as land for agribusiness and livestock, and water for hydroelectric production, has rendered it vulnerable to climate change.

Our project works to preserve and restore biodiversity by combating deforestation and promoting sustainable forest management. Aligned with European Union policy priorities such as the European Green Deal and the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, it aids Paraguay in meeting its Paris Agreement commitments.

The project focuses on improving preparedness, prevention, and capacities to reduce the incidence and spread of extreme forest fires, strengthening the management and conservation of forests and other key ecosystems in three selected protected areas, and promoting sustainable forestry, livestock, and agriculture practices, along with their respective value chains in buffer zones and areas of influence around the selected areas.

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Sample Activities

  • Improve the National Sustainable Forestry Institute’s capabilities by implementing inclusive policies, enforcing laws, and providing products and services for national development.
  • Facilitate the attraction of investments and sustainable financing for projects on forest fire prevention and management.
  • Provide training for specialized personnel in forest fire management techniques and territorial planning.
  • Conduct awareness campaigns and public education initiatives on the importance of forest fire management and forest conservation.


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