Palestine—Justice System Assessment and Formulation Programme

Client: European Union

Duration: 2022-2022

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Palestine

Solutions: Governance

Over the last 30 years, Palestinian citizens and businesses have increasingly struggled to find fair and reliable legal and justice services. The Palestinian government faces deep and growing governance challenges, as the frozen peace process has hindered the renewal of democratic legitimacy and hampered crucial legislative reforms.

Our technical assistance team worked with the Office of the European Union Representative to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, European development partners, and the Justice Sector Working Group, in the identification and formulation of an evidence-based, cross-cutting programme that promoted the rule of law and protects human rights for all Palestinians.


Sample Activities

  • Provide an assessment of access to justice in Palestine, including citizens’ and businesses’ legal and justice needs, for the most vulnerable groups, such as women, young, and those people living in Area C, East Jerusalem, and Gaza.
  • Improve access to a rights-protected, needs-based legal and justice service delivery for Palestinian citizens.
  • Improve the integrity, transparency, and cohesiveness of the justice system governance, through enhanced sector policy coordination and public access to information.


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