Palestine—The Compete Project

Client: U.S. Agency for International Development

Duration: 2011-2018

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Palestine

Solutions: Economic Growth

DAI is helping key Palestinian sectors compete in regional and global markets. Targeted sectors in the West Bank and Gaza include agribusiness, tourism, information and communications technology, stone and marble, fishing, and garments. To facilitate their expansion, we provide companies with technical assistance and expertise to maximize the value of their products. We are connecting smaller businesses with larger producers and exporters that have direct and more efficient access to markets. Our industry-wide approach leverages the U.S. Agency for International Development’s past investments and helps these smaller businesses link into, actively participate in, and benefit from sector-wide economic growth and development activities. By increasing the flow of information, products, and technology throughout these sectors, The Compete Project is empowering firms to perceive and take hold of the opportunities around them. Through the innovative Firm Level Assistance Program, Compete shares the cost and risk, encouraging investment and sustainability.

Sample Activities

  • Develop new value chains for export by addressing key impediments and utilizing piloting, scalability programs, new technologies, and marketing.
  • Identify and access more water for irrigation, including treated wastewater and well water.
  • Increase capacity and production quality of onshore fish farms.
  • Develop export markets for ICT firms with new products and enhanced business models.
  • Develop the decorative stone sector, including with environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Create youth apprenticeship and internship programs, including SAP consultant training.
  • Assist Gazan garment companies to relink with their historic markets.

Select Results

  • Improved the competitiveness of more than 730 firms, co-ops, associations, and farms, nearly 200 of which are in Gaza.
  • Assisted firms to reach exports of $135 million.
  • Helped create 2,400 jobs.
  • Leveraged $81.1 million in private sector investments.
  • Facilitated new agricultural technologies now used in more than 2,300 hectares in the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Assisted 16 historic sites to expand product offerings and enhance visitors’ experience.
  • Supported the rapid growth of the fresh herbs, potato, and strawberry value chains in Gaza, providing assistance that led to more than $45 million in sales, of which $22 million was in exports.


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