Oman—In-Country Value Industrial Baseline Study

Client: Multinational Corporation

Duration: 2018-2019

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Oman

Solutions: Sustainable Business

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) created an in-country value (ICV) demand and supply analysis for an oil and gas project in Oman using both qualitative and quantitative analyses. In a workshop format, DAI worked with the client, a large multinational oil and gas company, to do a high-level review of the capital project scope and to prioritize the sectors with the greatest potential ICV opportunity related to their operations. The data was analyzed in collaboration with the client to allow for the synthesis of recommendations to identify at a granular level the ICV opportunities in these target supply chains. The Local Content Optimization Model was used in conjunction with the competitive assessment matrix to create a forecast of ICV. The competitiveness assessment provides analysis of local companies’ abilities to provide goods and services relative to international competitors.

In the quantitative scope of the project, SBG benchmarked existing requirements and projections for planned investments to perform ICV analysis. DAI adapted its Expert Interview Survey Guide to the Oman context and conducted 54 expert interviews with national and international private sector companies, government agencies, public institutions, and key client staff. The interviews were used to gather qualitative information on the competitiveness of the prioritized sectors, barriers to ICV, and to brainstorm potential ICV opportunities. This analysis identified opportunities—nationally and locally—and highlighted gaps to be addressed through workforce skills development and enterprise development. As part of our findings, we identified and assessed opportunities for greater small firm participation in more than 15 specific supply chains. SBG facilitated an ICV Opportunity Identification Workshop to present the findings to the client. This accompanied the final report which included a Capital Project ICV Analysis and supporting summary.



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