Nigeria—Education Project in Borno State

Client: Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited

Duration: 2019-2021

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Nigeria

Solutions: Education Governance Fragile States

The Education Project in Borno State supported the state government’s recovery in the wake of insurgency and provided targeted relief to vulnerable and displaced populations. The project centered around the educational needs of vulnerable households and internally displaced persons (IDPs). DAI provided technical, management, security, and logistics support.

The project built the capacity of teachers, increased access to learning aids, and renovated damaged school infrastructure. The team implemented a cascade approach to training teachers and administrators, maximizing program funding available for the provision of educational materials.

It was anticipated that the active participation of local communities and government officials in the intervention supports continued maintenance and use of the schools—and paved the way for joint public-private initiatives in Borno’s education sector.


Sample Activities

  • Enhance access to good quality education through infrastructural development.
  • Improve teacher effectiveness through teacher training.
  • Improve school effectiveness through the provision of teaching and learning materials.

Select Results

  • Equipped 10 classrooms with solar electricity.
  • Rebuilt damaged school infrastructure.
  • Constructed three new blocks of 14 classrooms and staff offices with toilet facilities and furniture.
  • Supplied instruction and learning materials.
  • Installed one solar-powered borehole and 5,000-liter overhead water reservoirs.
  • Strengthened the state’s capacity for modern instruction by training 10 master trainers and two school support officers in 21st century pedagogical skills, subject content knowledge, and technology for self-study.
  • Trained 42 teachers on digital literacy and provided each with a tablet computer to support continued professional development.
  • Trained 33 officials of the school-based management committee in school leadership, management, and sustainability.
  • Supplied 2,417 State Universal Basic Education Board-approved textbooks and set-up 24 learning corners.
  • Developed a strategy for teacher training for Borno state teachers.


Malawi—Support to the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA)

DAI was awarded the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA) IrishAid project to help the MRA improve its organizational leadership. The objectives are to improve change management and provide capacity-building for 21 leaders in the Executive Committee of MRA. The training will be delivered over an 8-month period, utilizing in-person and virtual techniques, and effective leadership tools such as surveys. Additionally, DAI will deliver a follow-on survey for MRA personnel, and conduct workshops on the results to accelerate effective and continual change in the organization.

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