Mozambique—Innovation for Agribusiness (InovAgro I, II, III)

Client: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Duration: 2010-2022

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Mozambique

Solutions: Economic Growth

Small farms have traditionally dominated agricultural production in northern Mozambique, providing primarily subsistence output and offering limited commercial opportunities. The Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation is working with Mozambique’s government to increase farmers’ incomes in this region through the Innovation for Agribusiness (InovAgro) project. Launched in 2011, InovAgro promotes the development of inclusive and sustainable market systems, also known as Making Markets Work for the Poor.

InovAgro III builds on the program’s previous phases by further strengthening the capacity of seed companies and input suppliers to provide extension services to small farmers across five target value chains. The project also works with rural communities to improve their access to credit and their land tenure security as a means to increasing agricultural productivity. In addition, InovAgro collaborates with local and national government stakeholders to promote agricultural and economic reforms.

The Seeds of Change by DAI Global on Exposure

Sample Activities

  • Increase farmers’ access to certified seeds and quality inputs, with a special focus on including female farmers.
  • Strengthen village savings and loan groups.
  • Partner with agrodealers to develop new products and services targeted at small farmers.
  • Link financial institutions with farmers to improve access to credit.
  • Support community land demarcation and formation of community land management committees.

Select Results

  • InovAgro I linked a major contract farming operator with small farmers and improved access to quality seeds, resulting in an 18 percent increase in farmers’ incomes.
  • InovAgro I facilitated the multiplication of new varieties of soya bean seed, leading to 175 tons of cheaper certified seed being sold to small farmers in the 2013-2014 season.
  • InovAgro II formed partnerships between 10 agricultural input and output companies to help 2,000 farmers find new markets.
  • InovAgro II worked with 19 local traders to purchase 5,500 metric tonnes of produce from smallholder farmers for a total value of $1.5 million.
  • InovAgro II assisted 4,700 farmers to save for seed and input purchases through village savings groups.
  • InovAgro II supported four villages with 17,000 residents to demarcate community boundaries and worked with seed companies to respond to increased demands for inputs stimulated by the new secure land tenure.
  • InovAgro III assisted 5,000 new farmers to increase their incomes, bringing the program’s total to 20,000 farmers helped.
  • InvoAgro III helped local traders further improve efficiency of transactions, leading to a 100 percent increase in purchases from farmers compared to phase II levels, valued at $3.8 million.
  • InovAgro III added 8,000 new members to village saving groups and promoted a 500 percent increase in total savings for seeds and inputs from 2017 to 2018.
  • Grew the network of Fundo Agricola members in 2019 by 44 percent to 17,445 members (55.3 percent women), who saved $257,800 specifically for purchase of agricultural inputs.


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