Malawi—Support to the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA)

Client: Irish Aid

Duration: 2023-2023

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Malawi

Solutions: Governance

DAI was awarded the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA) IrishAid project to help the MRA improve its organizational leadership. The objectives are to improve change management and provide capacity-building for 21 leaders in the Executive Committee of MRA. The training will be delivered over an 8-month period, utilizing in-person and virtual techniques and effective leadership tools such as surveys. Additionally, DAI will deliver a follow-on survey for MRA personnel and conduct workshops on the results to accelerate effective and continual change in the organization.

Sample Activities

  • Help leaders realize the need for continual change to improve performance.
  • Deliver capacity-building training support in change management leadership for 21 leaders in the Executive Committee in MRA.
  • Deliver an updated follow-on people survey for MRA personnel.


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