Malawi—Support to the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA)

Client: Irish Aid

Duration: 2023-2023

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Malawi

Solutions: Governance

DAI was awarded the Malawian Revenue Authority (MRA) IrishAid project to help the MRA improve its organizational leadership. The objectives are to improve change management and provide capacity-building for 21 leaders in the Executive Committee of MRA. The training will be delivered over an 8-month period, utilizing in-person and virtual techniques and effective leadership tools such as surveys. Additionally, DAI will deliver a follow-on survey for MRA personnel and conduct workshops on the results to accelerate effective and continual change in the organization.

Sample Activities

  • Help leaders realize the need for continual change to improve performance.
  • Deliver capacity-building training support in change management leadership for 21 leaders in the Executive Committee in MRA.
  • Deliver an updated follow-on people survey for MRA personnel.


Sierra Leone—Support to Civil Society and Local Authorities for Local Development

We are supporting decentralization in Sierra Leone by empowering local authorities as well as local and rural civil society groups in selected districts to plan and implement initiatives of service delivery.

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