Macedonia—Municipal Management of Macedonian Schools (MMMS)

Client: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Duration: 2006-2007

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Country: Macedonia

Solutions: Governance Education

The Republic of Macedonia has made decentralization and the promotion of democratic local governance a principal part of its commitment to restore, revitalize, and expand democratic practices. The goal of the Municipal Management of Macedonian Schools (MMMS) project was to provide technical assistance and training to local governments to improve their ability to undertake their new responsibilities in school management.

Sample Activities

  • Provide local governments and, to a lesser extent, school directors, school boards, and school inspectors with the training they need to execute their new responsibilities and work together to improve their schools.
  • Provide ZELS (the association of units of local self-government in Macedonia) with a combination of expert advice and analytical support so that local and national governments can work together to improve the education system and disseminate best practices across a decentralizing education system.
  • Provide direct technical assistance to eight municipalities.
  • Develop best practice models of local education management.

Select Results

  • Created and published a registry of schools for all eight partner municipalities, including assessments of the technical conditions and the relative urgency of needed interventions.
  • Published a manual on how to assess schools.
  • Trained 44 representatives across all eight municipalities.


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