Kenya—Local Content Exchanges

Client: World Bank

Duration: 2017-2018

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Kenya

Solutions: Sustainable Business

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group was contracted by the World Bank to develop, plan, and deliver The Kenya Local Content Exchanges project, an initiative of the Petroleum Business Opportunities (PBO) project. The objective of PBO was to build the capacity of high-priority Kenyan sectors and firms to ensure that they successfully engage in business with Kenya’s nascent oil and gas sector. PBO was implemented by the World Bank Group, funded by the former U.K. Department for International Development (now called Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office). The Kenya Local Content Exchanges project was comprised of three sessions: Local Content: Vision to Implementation, Approaches, and Mechanisms to Drive Local Participation in the Oil and Gas Supply Chain, and Real-world Approaches and Strategies for Private Sector-led Enterprise Development.

The Exchanges served to create common understanding around the complex and multi-faceted concept of local content and outlined the requirements for successful local content implementation. To inform the discussion, the event organizers invited world-renowned experts in local content development to provide specific insights in their years of experience in the petroleum sector and local content development.



Belize—IDB EcoMicro Project

Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, DAI’s Sustainable Business Group worked with the Belize Credit Union League to help Belizean small and medium enterprises grow through innovative green finance products.

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