Jordan—Instituting Water Demand Management (IDARA)

Client: U.S. Agency for International Development

Duration: 2007-2012

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Jordan

Solutions: Environment

One of the 10 most water-deprived countries in the world, Jordan is making every effort to cooperate with neighboring countries that control or share much of the available water resources. But, as Jordan aspires to raise the quality and standard of living of its citizens, it must expand the commercial, industrial, and tourism sectors, thereby putting additional stress on the country’s already stretched water resources. The most viable short-term options are to manage its water demand to more effectively use the current water supply, and embrace water-use efficiency throughout the country.

Sample Activities

  • Institutionalize water-efficient, sustainable practices in the design and maintenance of Jordanian parks and landscapes.
  • Create a task force to make recommendations regarding the water usage of high-density commercial and residential developments.
  • Establish water demand management functions covering water policy, regulations, institutional support, technologies, best management practices, education, and outreach.
  • Launch innovative financial structures, such as public-private partnerships, to support the water demand management programs of water utilities, nongovernmental organizations, and the public sector.
  • Work with various institutions to standardize codes, regulations, and training linked to plumbing.

Select Results

  • Helped the Ministry of Water and Irrigation develop a National Water Demand Management Policy for Jordan through a consultative process that involved 30 stakeholders. The policy was approved by the Council of Ministers in August 2008.
  • Retrofitted faucets and showerheads for approximately 3,450 houses in Amman, 700 in the northern governorates, and 300 in Aqaba as part of the baseline survey in the three utilities, Miyahuna-HSBC residential retrofit program, and Abu Nusseir pilot program.
  • Won the Global Water Intelligence Distinction Award in 2010, for, among other things, demonstrating that a 40 percent reduction in water demand from new high-rise developments can be achieved in Amman as a result of a new advisory building code.
  • Planned and managed the Sixth IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Use and Management of Water, March 2011.
  • Provided 200 houses with plumbing maintenance and retrofit services in the neighborhood of seven community-based organizations in Zarqa and Mafraq Governorates. Grants were provided to the seven CBOs to be used as revolving loans by their beneficiaries for the implementation of water-use efficiency projects.


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