Ghana—Market Development (MADE) in Northern Ghana

Client: U.K. Department for International Development

Duration: 2013-2018

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Ghana

Solutions: Economic Growth

This project is part of DAI’s framework contract with the U.K. Department for International Development and is being implemented by Nathan Associates UK. DAI is consulting the project on aspects of climate resilience.

DFID Ghana’s Operational Plan proposes a focus on the North of Ghana to help bridge the development gap between the south and north of the country. As a Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) program, MADE is expected to improve the incomes and resilience of poor farmers and small-scale rural entrepreneurs in the Northern Savannah, with a particular focus on agricultural value chains (the full range of activities that bring a crop to the consumer).

The critical issue for increasing poverty reduction in the north is to increase economic opportunity. MADE will help risk-averse subsistence farmers to enjoy the higher incomes earned by markets-oriented farmers, and address markets that help the poor, especially women, to use their labor productively in off-peak periods as farmers, workers, and entrepreneurs.

Sample Activities

  • Analyze markets, engage with stakeholders, identify market and stakeholders’ needs, and develop interventions and instruments for unblocking pathways out of poverty.
  • Facilitate outreach of business models that increase access to input and output markets.
  • Introduce climate resilient technologies.


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