Ethiopia—Technical Assistance to Support EU-Coffee Action for Ethiopia (EU-CAFE)

Client: European Union

Duration: 2020-2023

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Ethiopia

Solutions: Economic Growth

The Ethiopian Coffee and Authority (ECTA) has been implementing various coffee production, processing, and marketing activities to enhance the sustainability of the national economy and for the improvement of the wellbeing of smallholder farmers, including women and youth. Low production levels, poor quality, and a lack of marketing are some of the major challenges contributing to low returns to farmers and poor foreign exchange earnings to the country from the coffee sector. In response to these challenges, ECTA proposed and signed the financial agreement with European Union-Coffee Action for Ethiopia (EU-CAFE).

EU-CAFE works to sustainably improve farmers’ access to inputs including coffee seed and seedlings, appropriate coffee production techniques, timely and farmer-focused extension and advisory services, and capacity of farmers through organizing Farmer Field Schools. Additionally, the project supports smallholder Ethiopian coffee producers, processors, traders, and their organizations to improve productivity and quality with a focus on specialty and traceability of coffees, value chain development, and trade transparency through public-private partnerships and dialogue platforms.


Sample Activities

  • Increase workers’ skills to enhance productivity, quality, and processing based on best practices.
  • Improve access by smallholder farmers to inputs.
  • Increase availability of processing and grading capabilities to market high-quality coffees, and increase access to broad-based market information to all coffee farmers.
  • Integrate innovative solutions and technologies from coffee research with the extension system to contribute to higher yields and higher quality of Ethiopian coffees.
  • Establish and capacitate strategic public and private stakeholders’ coordination and dialogue platforms and ensure their functioning.
  • Strengthen federal and regional coffee authorities’ planning and management capacities.


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