Croatia—Raiffeisen Croatia

Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Duration: 2008-2009

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Country: Croatia

Solutions: Economic Growth

The overall objective of the European Union/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development SME Finance Facility for EU Accession countries was to deepen the credit markets for small and medium enterprises by building the confidence and capacity of participating banks in SME lending, and by providing credit to SMEs through participating banks. Raiffeisenbank Croatia (RBA) participated in the Facility with a €10 million credit line for on-lending to qualifying SMEs.

Select Results

  • Developed a new dedicated loan product to accommodate conventional term loans in accordance with the Loan Agreement Policy Statement.
  • Developed marketing tools for the EBRD credit line.
  • Provided training on EBRD credit line, sales, and coaching.
  • Designed and introduced an incentive scheme to encourage loan officers to disburse the credit line.
  • Review of lending activities after conducting loan reviews of local loans.
  • Conducted regular visits to branches to provide feedback and coaching to loan officers and team leaders and to monitor loan portfolio performance.



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