Bosnia and Herzegovina—Technical Assistance in the Energy Sector (EU4Energy)

Client: European Union

Duration: 2022-2025

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Solutions: Environment Governance

The economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is highly energy intensive. Poor energy efficiency in the industry sector leads it to consume 3.27 times more energy per unit of output than the average upper-middle-income economy.

In 2018, BiH implemented the Framework Energy Strategy 2035 to support a transition of BiH’s energy sector into a more sustainable, competitive, and modern system, in line with the relevant European Union energy acquis, activities that are obligatory for BiH under the Energy Community Treaty. Yet weak regulatory and legal frameworks, lack of institutional capacities, and low coordination and cooperation between government levels have slowed progress toward this goal and prevented BiH’s adherence to EU energy obligations.

The EU4Energy project aims to support BiH in reforming its energy sector. The project focuses on implementing and monitoring a new legislative framework, improving institution capacity building, and providing knowledge and technical assistance in effective energy sector management. The project supports investment in the public sector and sustainable pilot projects in local communities that will promote the transition to a greener, environmentally friendly, and more sustainable circular economy, which in turn will increase political stability across the country.


Sample Activities

  • Implement energy sector reforms, including the development of new energy and climate policies and the harmonization of relevant legislation with the EU energy acquis.
  • Build capacity at all levels of government to assume their role in the process of energy acquis transposition, meeting energy market requirements, and energy policy planning and implementation.
  • Increase public awareness of energy-related matters.
  • Support dialogue with both the public and energy sector stakeholders to inform and help them understand the benefits of energy reform.


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