Belize—IDB EcoMicro Project

Client: Inter-American Development Bank

Duration: 2020-2022

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: Belize

Solutions: Sustainable Business

Belize ranks fifth at risk in the world for climate change and is increasingly affected by extreme weather events and long-term impacts (e.g., droughts). Average annual losses incurred from natural disasters are equivalent to almost 4 percent of gross domestic product. The agriculture, fisheries, and livestock sectors of Belize are particularly vulnerable to climate change effects. Micro, small, and medium enterprises make up 70 percent of the export crops; it is critical to protect production and livelihoods to undertake climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.

In partnership with the Government of Canada, the InterAmerican Development Bank contracted DAI to support the Belize Credit Union League (BCUL) and three of its credit unions with financial products customized around climate adaptation, particularly for businesses in the agribusiness, fisheries, and livestock value chains.

Belize ecomicro.jpg

Sample Activities

  • Collaborate with the BCUL to review and enhance a green finance product being piloted for the livestock sector.
  • Develop an Institutional Greening Policy & Action plan to reinforce environmentally friendly habits for each partner credit union in the BCUL.
  • Conduct a climate risk assessment of BCUL’s portfolio through its own digital Climate Risk Tool, training loan officers to use it during their business inspections.
  • Contribute to the knowledge management and communications library for EcoMicro by developing annual fact sheets, photo stories, newsletter articles, blogs, and a short video on the pilot program.


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