Armenia—Multi Bank Framework

Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Duration: 2008-2012

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Country: Armenia

Solutions: Economic Growth

DAI was contracted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support to Armenian Partner Banks to implement small and medium enterprise lending projects by assisting the partner banks in establishing adequate lending practices and supporting them in loan appraisal and credit approval processes. DAI is establishing and implementing EBRD-funded small and medium enterprise sub-projects in all new partner banks. At the same time, we are contributing to the overall institution strengthening of the banks by advising on structuring of credit departments and developing and improving internal credit policies and procedures. We are working with the partner banks to create capabilities and capacities in both policies and procedures and staff to build a profitable and high-quality small and medium enterprise sub-loan portfolio, and help the banks further and independently develop their lending activities and effectively manage their portfolios.

Sample Activities

  • Streamline and standardize the lending methodology to allow the partner banks to effectively increase lending to the small and medium enterprise segment.
  • Strengthen credit appraisal, credit risk and portfolio management policies, loan monitoring practices, and internal controls to ensure high portfolio quality.
  • Strengthen existing products and/or introduce new competitive and profitable products as well as corresponding marketing activities.
  • Introduce and strengthen risk management practices to support small and medium enterprise lending activities and overall management of partner banks.
  • Train loan officers and other relevant staff on advanced cash flow-based lending and modeling, advanced sales and marketing skills, and compliance issues related to anti-money-laundering guidelines.
  • Ensure adherence to high standards of integrity in the credit appraisal process.


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