Algeria—EU REFIN Programme

Client: European Union

Duration: 2021-2023

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Algeria

Solutions: Governance

The modernisation of public finance management in Algeria has been a topical subject since the early 2000s, in the wake of the economic reforms of the 1990s and the lessons learned from a serious economic crisis linked to the fall in oil prices. The reform efforts have taken shape through several initiatives and projects carried out in collaboration with international organisations or through cooperation actions.

While Algeria has seen its reserves gradually decrease for many years, the EU REFIN Programme aims to contribute to a better allocation of budgetary resources by improving the performance of public finance management.

The technical assistance project conducted by DAI is part of a wider objective to strengthen public finance management, contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness of the national economy. It supports the implementation of an integrated budgetary and accounting management information system, i.e. the setting up of an information system that is adapted, strong, and meets the needs of the new public management and complies with the Organic Law on Finance Laws adopted in Algeria in 2018 and which introduces results-based management by multi-year programme budgets.


Sample Activities

  • Set up a data warehouse equipped to meet the needs of users from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Develop, test, and commission interfaces of the Management Information System.


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