Africa—USAID Africa Trade and Investment activity

Client: U.S. Agency for International Development

Duration: 2021-2026

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa

Solutions: Economic Growth

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Africa Trade and Investment (ATI) activity is designed to bolster the Agency’s ability to boost trade and investment to, from, and within the African continent. As USAID’s flagship effort under the Prosper Africa initiative, the continent-wide program will expand and accelerate two-way trade and investment between African nations and the United States.

The program works together with the African private sector to achieve Africa’s vision for inclusive economic growth. Over the five-year program lifecycle, ATI will generate thousands of jobs across the African continent and within the United States, deliver billions in exports and investments, mobilize private sector-driven solutions, and create healthy business environments.

As a demand-driven mechanism, ATI is flexible and responsive. ATI brings together a tested network of partners that can work across the intersection of trade and investment, deploying proven approaches testing new finance solutions, and building partnerships for sustainability and scale.

The platform is collectively funded by all users (Prosper Africa and participating USAID Buy-in Missions and Offices) and aims for cost-effective, rapid, and flexible deployment of the most critical shared services. The more ATI can scale, the more the costs are shared.

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Sample Activities

  • Map trade and investment opportunities.
  • Provide trade competitiveness support, matchmaking, and transaction support.
  • Fund instrument structuring and provide capital-raising support.
  • Provide feasibility studies, transaction advisory, and capital markets advisory.
  • Improve access to finance.
  • Provide policy analysis, regulatory impact assessments, and reform support.

Select Results

  • Leveraged $291 million in private-sector co-investment.
  • Closed 759 trade deals, valued at $741 million.
  • Closed 288 investment deals, valued at $613 million.
  • Awarded $123 million in grants and subcontracts.


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