Local Content Plan and Reporting Platform (LCPR)

The LCPR is an online software platform built by DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) to help companies meet their governmental obligations to comply with local content, contract tendering, and reporting requirements. The platform covers local content compliance, planning, and performance reporting—configured to any domestic regulation. Read the full brochure.

Fully configurable to different local content requirements, metrics, and key performance indicators

Our platform saves clients money and months of software programming, because it can be rapidly configured to fit any policy, law, regulation, corporate, or country strategy on local content in just a few days.


The entire platform can be up and running in a couple of weeks, including in-person or online training of those personnel who will be using it. Three days of training is included at the regulator/corporation level; one day of training is included at the company management level.

Fully flexible company structure and unlimited supply chain users


“Super user” roles can be set up at the regulator or corporate level and for each client. Super users create the company structure and lower-tier usage—allocating to each user the ability to add, view, or edit data.

Generates management dashboards and balanced scorecards


The platform presents high-level performance targets for nationals in workforce, local procurement, and local capacity development categories. It sets targets against any configured metrics and across any time periods, facilitating milestone payments.

High-speed data verification and correction


Super users are able to very quickly verify large amounts of data and correct errors. “Cluster status” and “master status” screens allow super users to drill down into the original source data to verify and reset erroneous data.

Local content analytical tools


The platform automatically runs a calibrated economic value model to generate indicators of impact on domestic economy, saving regulators, companies, and primary contractors. It tracks performance against targets to identify trends, non-compliance, successes, and areas in need of improvement.

Creates and tracks local content plans


Forecasts of local content are uploaded as targets—part of building a Local Content Plan for operators or primary contractors. Planning includes recruitment, training, local sourcing, supplier development, and more.

Arrange a demonstration

Please contact Nouran Ezzat, for a demonstration of the software.