The Need for a Global Alliance for Disaster Preparedness

Date: Tuesday, November 9 from 12:00 EST 17:00 GMT

COP out-cbea0d.jpg

The Centre for Disaster Prevention and DAI are co-hosting Devex’s “COP out” Panel on Tuesday, 9 November. In this second week of COP26, the panel will discuss how international and local actors can work together to create mechanisms for pre-agreed financing to ensure a more timely, efficient, and agile disaster response.

Unless the system we use to pay for disasters is adapted to meet the challenges of today, vulnerable communities will be kept in a vicious cycle of poverty, making long-term development progress—including the protection of biodiversity—impossible. We already have the technology and skills to predict most disasters, yet funds are normally only sought after a disaster has already hit. In the case of nine recent disasters, just 2.3 percent of the total funding was agreed on upfront, despite most of the disasters having been predicted.

Drawing on the work of the Crisis Lookout Coalition, the panel will also explore how a new global alliance for crisis protection can help identify priority risks, help people adapt, and make sure they have the funds they need when it matters most.


This event will include live captioning as well as French and Spanish interpretation.

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