Supplier Registration Portal

Our portal is proprietary software delivered by DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) to operators of large-scale capital projects in order to more effectively manage their supply chains. It leverages technology to build and strengthen networks in supplier management globally.

Supplier Registration Image

For buyers, it serves as a digital platform for those looking to streamline their supplier discovery and engagement and optimize their social license to operate. By configuring the portal to map to local requirements, including the option to make it available in local languages, buyers are able to ensure that they reach local businesses where they are working. Read the brochure here.

The portal does this by providing four main key features:  


The SRP provides suppliers and buyers a platform for communication. Buyers are able to easily contact cohorts of potential vendors through the SRP using integrations with email and SMS campaigns. This provides a simple solution for any time a company wants to reach out to large groups of potential suppliers with information, updates, and upcoming tenders. 

Data Management 

Every user in the SRP enters detailed data about their business that is configured to match the local country context. This data can be easily managed in the SRP using built-in search, sort, and filter functionality. The SRP also has the ability for buyers to export this data, allowing them to more thoroughly analyze registered suppliers.  

Supplier Resources 

The SRP provides a centralized, user-friendly place to share supplier resources. Users are able to search for business notices and training opportunities that are relevant to their business and help connect them to potential supply chains. This helps bring in more suppliers to the system and can show a wider perspective of possible business partners for buyers in a country.  


Buyers are able to post procurement documents and provide opportunities targeting local businesses. The SRP allows you to share Expressions of Interest (EOIs), Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and other procurement information to the entire list of registered suppliers or target a specific industry.  

SBG offers a line of services to help users of the SRP get the most utility out of the system. This includes training, which can be delivered remotely or in-person, and ensures that all users are comfortable operating the SRP. SBG also runs local registration events to boost interest, awareness, and participation in supplier development programs and to get more users registered in the portal. SBG can also help with maximizing the use of the data available in the SRP by providing buyers with regular KPI reports highlighting the information most important to the buyer.