The expectations placed upon the corporate sector to invest in its host communities continue to grow. Successful corporations build social strategies that support their own core business strategies, enabling them to set their own agendas and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. In our strategy work for corporate clients, we weave in community, environmental, philanthropic, and other goals to shape a sustainable and socially responsible profile. Clear, structured strategies at the corporate level cascade into operational results at the business unit and country level. Finally, DAI is well positioned—based on our 40 years of experience implementing social and economic development programs—to assist in the execution of any social program.

  • Our social strategy solutions include:
  • Helping clients align their social strategy with their corporate strategy.
  • Reviewing social strategies and programs and providing recommendations.
  • Strengthening corporate policies for business units and country offices to help clients be successful in areas such as workplace HIV/AIDS, resettlement, and community-based program implementation.
  • Strengthening clients’ ability to craft social programs that deliver results.
  • Designing performance mechanisms that align with existing corporate approaches and integrating global standards for tracking and reporting.
  • Assessing and prioritizing clients’ social risks.
  • Assessing environmental and social impact.
  • Identifying the most critical stakeholders, their key concerns and expectations, and providing guidance as to how to build and maintain stakeholders’ confidence in clients’ projects.
  • Reviewing clients’ social investment portfolios if they are not generating results.
  • Reviewing potential government, donor, nongovernmental group, or other corporate partners that can help our clients deliver.

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