Worldwide—Trade, Private Sector Development and Engagement, and Regional Integration (TPSD/E) Facility

Client: European Commission

Duration: 2017-2020

Region: Worldwide

Country: Worldwide

Solutions: Economic Growth

Trade and private sector engagement are recognized as key drivers for poverty reduction through their capability to spur growth and investment, create good-quality jobs, and generate tax revenues to fund public services. However, experience shows that improved market access alone is not always sufficient for sustained economic development. Access often needs to be complemented by policy measures that support lasting and equitable prosperity.

The Trade, Private Sector Development and Engagement (TPSD/E) facility was established by the European Commission to support its implementation of the 2014 Private Sector Communication, and shaping and implementing new policy orientations, in particular geared toward the European Union’s External Investment Plan (EIP). By leveraging financial assistance, guarantees, and supporting improvements to the business environment, the EIP aims to catalyse private sector investment in partner countries in Africa and the European Neighbourhood and contribute to meeting Sustainable Development Goals. In supporting the TPSD/E Facility, DAI provides policy advice and knowledge management to the European Commission’s Directorate General for International Development Cooperation.

Sample Activities

  • Support creation of an Access to Finance Window for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Support creation of structured dialogue and sustainable EUBG to promote sustainable investments in partner countries.
  • Design an Investment Climate Reform diagnostic reform toolkit.
  • Design and implement online training modules on the EIP in Practice.
  • Knowledge management through development of TPSD and EIP Groups on the EU’s Capacity4Dev platform to showcase and disseminate new materials for the EU Headquarters and Delegations, including toolkits, lessons learned, case studies, and other relevant content.
  • Organise, conduct, and publicise regional seminars and training events on TPSD-related issues for EU Delegations in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Write articles and blog posts; manage TPSD-related online content; and produce and disseminate multi-media products as part of communications strategy to share TPSD’s mission and showcase best practices.


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