Vietnam—Support to Vietnam’s Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy under Poverty Reduction Support Credit III – Support to State Audit of Vietnam (SAV)

Client: European Commission

Duration: 2006-2007

Region: Asia and the Pacific

Country: Vietnam

Solutions: Governance

Vietnam’s economy is on the right path, but numerous aspects of public administration require further development to promote conditions for sustainable economic growth. Through the State Audit of Vietnam, DAI and the U.K. National Audit Office provided support to the SAV to build capacity in public sector auditing, and helped to implement the new State Audit Law.

Sample Activities

  • Develop auditing standards and ethical standards for auditors in line with international norms.
  • Develop financial and compliance audit procedures and training.
  • Develop performance audit techniques to enable SAV to better evaluate the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of national and foreign-funded projects.
  • Support the SAV Centre for Sciences and Staff Fostering, including development of new training curricula and training material and introduction of modern training methods to SAV trainers.

Select Results

  • Assisted SAV in raising its public profile as a major oversight body in the national fight against corruption and the promotion of good governance.


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