Turkey—Technical Assistance to Prepare Flood Risk Management Plan for Meriç-Ergene River Basin

Client: European Union

Duration: 2022-2025

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Country: Turkey

Solutions: Environment Climate

In recent years, Turkey’s 25 hydrological basins have been increasingly prone to extreme flood events that have caused serious economic, social, and environmental impacts and losses in human life. As part of its accession to the European Union (EU), Turkey is required to adapt and prepare an individual implementation plan for the EU’s Floods Directive, the centerpiece of European flood risk management policy.

Our project works to reduce the adverse consequences of flood events for human health, environment, cultural heritage, and economic activity through assessment and management of flood risk. This intervention focuses on the preparation of flood risk management plans for the Meriç-Ergene River Basin, which is situated in Turkey’s northwest on the boundaries with Greece and Bulgaria. The project provides workshops to a range of stakeholders to strengthen the capacities of the national, river basin, and local authorities on planning, and implementation of the flood risk management plans.

Turkey_Meric River Basin (2).jpgStock image of the Meriç-Ergene River Basin.

Sample Activities

  • Support the implementation of the Flood Risks Assessment and Management Directive.
  • Revise the existing flood warning systems as flood forecasting and early warning system and extend their coverage to basins.
  • Prepare the flood risk management plan for the transboundary Meriç-Ergene River Basin, compliant with the Floods Directive.


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