Tanzania—ICT Partnership: 5G/6G Frameworks and Cyber Security Capacity

Client: U.S. Department of State, Embassy Dar es Salaam

Duration: 2022-2024

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Tanzania

Solutions: Digital Acceleration

While Tanzania has a robust information and communications technologies (ICT) and digital sector (including private-sector developers, tech startups, local talent, and a burgeoning e-government ecosystem), the policy and regulatory environment has not kept pace with technological advancements.

The Tanzania ICT Partnership: 5G/6G Frameworks and Cyber Security Capacity project supports the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam, in building Tanzania’s capacity to embrace international best practices and standards that advance an open, interoperable, and secure internet; defend against authoritarian practices; and catalyze investments in goods and services related to information and ICT.

This initiative is preparing Tanzanian regulators for 5G—the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband networks—and other advanced technologies by building their capacity to implement regulatory frameworks, promote cybercrime frameworks and legislation, and provide cybersecurity technical assistance. Additionally, we work with local organizations and government institutions to promote greater public awareness and sensitization around cybercrime and cybersecurity issues.


Sample Activities

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of Tanzania’s adoption of advanced technologies.
  • Develop an expert speaker series to showcase the findings of the assessment and to promote further discussion on advanced tech. Identify other events in-country to support business-to-business and business-to-government audiences to discuss and promote investment in the ICT sector.
  • Conduct an explanatory report on the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, explaining the significance of the protocol and the impact of possible accession. Facilitate cybercrime information exchanges between U.S. Government and Tanzanian law enforcement partners.
  • Provide assistance to advise the Government of Tanzania on key steps and milestones for the development of a National Cybersecurity Strategy, including articulation of key legal and regulatory reforms, implementation of practical frameworks, and adoption of international standards, as well essential investments to build organizational capacity.


Regional—Critical Infrastructure Digitalization and Resilience (CIDR)

The Critical Infrastructure Digitalization and Resilience program assists partner governments and in-country organizations to work with key stakeholders and experts to assess cybersecurity gaps and priorities, make recommendations, and map courses of action to improve the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and key institutions.

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