Client: U.S. Agency for International Development

Duration: 2019-2024

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: Peru

Solutions: Environment Governance

Illegal activity, biodiversity loss, weak governance, and social conflict around natural resource management are threatening one of the world’s most ecologically and culturally significant ecosystems in Peru. Additionally, the lack of maintenance of these extraordinary areas has led to the country forgoing millions of dollars in tourism and thousands of job opportunities. On the other hand, Peru is home to a network of diverse, talented, committed local problem-solvers who are ready to apply creative new approaches—rooted in deep local knowledge—to address environmental crime.

The Peru PREVENT activity was designed to help Peruvian institutions and actors more effectively manage the country’s natural resources for future generations. PREVENT aims to sustainably transform the culture of rule of law and citizen stewardship when it comes to protecting Peru’s environmental assets.

PREVENT supports Peru’s problem-solvers to work more effectively as catalysts, conveners, enforcers, and innovators, mobilizing locally driven solutions to some of the region’s most entrenched environmental governance challenges. Taking a local systems approach, DAI will ensure that PREVENT leaves behind strong environmental monitoring and enforcement capabilities; better, more widespread understanding of the shared value of natural resources and the extensive costs of their degradation; clearer, reinforced linkages demonstrating that effective environmental justice leads to tangible economic and social benefits for all; and an environmental justice system that more fully engages and represents the interests, capabilities, and contributions of women and indigenous communities.

Sample Activities

  • Develop and promote a national framework on environmental crimes.
  • Implement capacity-building plan for justice sector operators and collaborating administrative agencies.
  • Build monitoring and reporting capabilities in and around protected areas.
  • Leverage private sector resources to support artisanal and small-scale gold mining formalization efforts and timber traceability.


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