Pakistan—Consolidating Democracy in Pakistan (CDIP)

Client: Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Duration: 2016-2020

Region: Asia and the Pacific

Country: Pakistan

Solutions: Governance

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)-funded Consolidating Democracy in Pakistan (CDIP) programme, locally called Tabeer, works to increase the capacity, accountability, and responsiveness of Pakistan’s political institutions. The team provides technical assistance to the Election Commission of Pakistan to improve its oversight of elections and helps members of parliament and political parties to better represent and respond to the needs of their constituents. In addition, the program works with civil society groups to increase the participation of Pakistani citizens in the policy-making process, with a particular focus on engaging women, youth, people with disabilities, and ethnic and religious minorities.

Sample Activities

  • Support civil society groups to expand voter registration, electoral participation, and election observation.
  • Build the communication and legislative drafting skills of key parliamentarians to help them more effectively represent their constituents.
  • Engage with groups representing women, youth, and other marginalized populations to encourage their participation in policy debates and advocacy efforts.

Select Results

  • Held an event with 150 participants to observe 2017 International People With Disabilities Day. The event served as a platform for the Election Commission of Pakistan to inform the community about steps taken to accommodate voters with disabilities.
  • Organised a National Dialogue about closing the gender gap in Pakistan’s Electoral Rolls. The dialogue opened with an expert briefing on the current situation, followed by a moderated roundtable by on key challenges and barriers to women’s voter registration, and a dialogue on policy recommendations to close the gender gap in electoral rolls.
  • Helped register more than 184,000 women as voters.
  • Reached 9.7 million citizens through a radio campaign stressing women’s electoral participation.
  • Ran a media campaign to inform citizens about the process required to check and update their details in the national electoral rolls. Some 1.5 million people visited electoral roll display centres and almost 900,000 applied for changes.
  • Supported the National Assembly of Pakistan to pass a landmark notification to establish a Special Committee on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities. The Assembly adopted all the recommendations the DAI team made in a recent policy paper on enhancing democratic inclusion and strengthening representation of marginalized groups.
  • Supported the launch of the Punjab Environment Policy, which will promote legislation to teach environmental subjects in schools, create a youth climate advocacy network, and establish laboratories to monitor air and water quality in Punjab.


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