Local Content Optimization Model (LCOM)

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) developed LCOM as a custom tool to support data-driven decision-making around local content procurement strategy. Using LCOM, we analyze the supply and demand for local goods, services, and labor and build strategies to tap into them. LCOM seamlessly integrates with our suite of services to provide comprehensive and fully functional solutions for our clients in the countries where they work. Read the brochure.

LCOM Dual.jpg

Forecasting local content

Using the LCOM software, we can make a range of forecasts related to local content use. LCOM simulates the procurements that typically occur over the life of a capital project, based on inputs such as expenditure and local capacity.

Determining supplier readiness

Key to LCOM’s forecasts are data on each local supply chain’s ability to compete for and participate in work deriving from our client’s investments. Specialists, gather this data through rigorous firm-level and expert interviews, as well as extensive desk research.


LCOM benefits

How does LCOM fit within the SBG suite of services?

LCOM’s forecasts sync directly to SBG’s Supplier Registration Portal (SRP) and Local Content Plan and Reporting Platform (LCPR). LCOM’s data on local supplier readiness populates the SRP, similarly, LCOM’s local content forecasts provide LCPR with the data to set realistic and achievable local content targets, and better manage supplier performance against compliance requirements. These data can be readily updated to ensure timely, accurate supplier information, tracking, and local content reporting throughout the project life-cycle.

Arrange a demonstration

Please contact Luke Kozumbo, to arrange a demonstration at your convenience.