DAI is Launching a New Supplier Management Portal Enabling Supply Chain Diversification and Localization

August 04, 2021

DAI will launch an innovative digital tool to help diversify and localize corporate supply chains. The Supplier Management Portal (SMP), launching in the third quarter, is a cloud-based platform that connects large-scale buyers to local small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The SMP enables multinationals to access new markets and verified local suppliers, and empowers them to measure and report their impact on the local economy. In turn, SMEs gain access to new business opportunities with large-scale buyers.

Connecting Buyers from the Global Supply Chain with Local Suppliers

“We are thrilled to take the SMP to market later this year. It has been carefully designed to prioritize the needs of both local suppliers and international buyers,” said Zachary Kaplan, Vice President of DAI’s Sustainable Business Group.

“Suppliers often lack the requisite support and experience to grow their business with large-scale clients. At the same time, buyers lack local knowledge and a central database of verified suppliers, particularly in new markets. The SMP bridges the information gap that exists between local suppliers and large-scale buyers.”

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Designed to Develop Local Suppliers

For suppliers, registration and verification on the SMP is a simple and guided process. The tool walks users through key procurement information required by buyers. The SMP also notifies suppliers of all opportunities relevant to their business. Submitting an expression of interest is easy using a mobile phone or desktop.

Using data generated on the SMP, buyers can identify and prioritize focus areas for their supplier development initiatives. On the SMP, suppliers can access online training materials and stay updated on other development opportunities.

Comprehensive Reporting to Demonstrate Local Economic Impact

The SMP’s Reporting package enables operators, regulators, and suppliers to plan and report on their impacts on the local economy. This solution is developed and backed by DAI’s industry-leading experts in local content, leveraging decades of knowledge, insight, and experience in how local content is measured, monitored, reported, and analyzed.

The software seamlessly tracks local content categories including procurement, workforce, capacity development, and investments, and has been built to be configurable to relevant local content legislation, regulation, and policy. It has been previously deployed and configured to requirements in a variety of local content regulatory environments, including Kazakhstan, Mexico, and Sierra Leone. The evaluative and analytical capabilities of the tool are relied upon by multinationals, suppliers, and government authorities.

If you would like to learn more about the SMP please email us or visit dai.com/smp.



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