Worldwide—Urban Development Technical Facility

Client: European Union

Duration: 2022-2026

Region: Worldwide

Country: Worldwide

Solutions: Climate Environment

Many of the least-developed countries are experiencing rapid levels of urbanisation and population growth, putting pressure on the limited resources and dire need for sustainable infrastructure. The European Union (EU) has made it a priority to accelerate a global transition towards carbon neutrality, particularly in urban development.

The first-ever EU Urban Development Technical Facility focuses on supporting partner countries in their urban development challenges. It delivers technical assistance and policy advice to improve the quality and impact of the EU’s interventions in urban development at all levels—local, regional and global—with a focus on Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Integrated urban planning coupled with greener infrastructure and coordinated urban expansion can increase a city’s urban resilience while minimizing the negative environmental impacts of human settlement.

We provide advisory, analytical, and technical reviews for greater coordination and alignment on sustainable urban development; increase knowledge dissemination among all stakeholders; and provide operational support to the EU Platform for Urban Development. These activities contribute to achieving the objectives of the EU Green Deal, the EU Global Gateway initiative, the New Urban Agenda, and the Sustainable Development Goals, while also supporting digital transformation, sustainable growth and jobs, good governance, human development, and migration management.


Sample Activities

  • Provide technical assistance to European Commission and EU Delegations in supporting sustainable urban development actions in partner countries, including the design and implementation of programmes on sustainable cities, advise on public strategies to increase policy dialog with partner countries, and provide guidance to Delegations or partners on how to mainstream urban development aspects into interventions.
  • Increase knowledge on the different levels of sustainability in the context of urban development to share with all stakeholders, through meetings and events, conducting research, and supporting the development of knowledge on gender equality and human rights-based approach in urban development areas.
  • Develop an EU Platform as a new forum for greater coordination and alignment on sustainable urban development.


Malawi—Technical Assistance to the Energy Program (Wala Malawi)

Wala Malawi supports the industrialization and diversification of the Malawian electricity sector by implementing reforms and promoting private-sector investments.

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