Pakistan—DARE (Data and Research in Education): Technical Assistance to Strengthen Provincial-Federal Data Management Processes

Client: World Bank

Duration: 2022-2023

Region: Asia and the Pacific

Country: Pakistan

Solutions: Education

DARE (Data and Research in Education) aims to improve Pakistan’s education data infrastructure and enhance coordination in the sector between the country’s federal and provincial governments. The project supports Pakistan’s Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, providing technical assistance (TA) to stakeholders at both federal and provincial levels.

The overall objective of DARE is to provide a framework and develop a design for an integrated national education database and an open-data portal. This will enable Pakistan to meet its international obligations and report on progress against those commitments. The provinces will also benefit immensely from a strengthened provincial educational management information system (EMIS) and the integration of databases into a national database.

DAI will deliver the project with core partner Impetus Advisory Group.


Sample Activities

The project has three components:

  • A comprehensive study of the existing education-related databases at the federal and provincial levels will be completed.
  • The development of a data standardization framework using the results from the first component. This data standardization framework will be a guiding document for setting up an integrated national education database that could be used as an open data portal. The TA team will work with the stakeholders and prepare a costed plan of action for setting up an integrated national education database.
  • A design, along with all required technical details, for setting up the national open data portal.


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