One Company, One Brand: DAI Retires HTSPE Name

July 31, 2014

Some seven months after the combination of DAI and HTSPE Ltd., DAI today announced that the HTSPE brand will be retired and the firm will begin doing business as DAI, effective July 31, 2014.

“We are delighted with the progress of our integration,” said Christopher Lockett, a 10-year veteran of HTSPE who was recently named to lead the combined entity as Managing Director of the Europe office and Senior Vice President of DAI, responsible for all of DAI’s operations in Europe. “I am confident that the marriage of DAI’s technical creativity and HTSPE’s proven programme management expertise will yield powerful synergies for our clients.”

DAI joined forces with Hemel Hempstead-based HTSPE on December 31, 2013, adding to its portfolio more than 100 short- and long-term projects for clients such as the U.K. Department for International Development, EuropeAid, and the World Bank, in technical areas including climate change, land tenure, governance, education, and monitoring and evaluation.

“With half a year of team-building under our belts and operational integration well advanced, we have decided to adopt a single brand that reflects our underlying unity,” said Lockett. “In DAI, we have allied with a company founded on the same qualities that have defined HTSPE for decades: professional excellence, responsibility, and integrity. Regardless of the name we use, these will continue to be our watchwords in the years to come.”

In terms of day-to-day business relationships, the transition to the single DAI brand will be seamless, with client contacts at the project and corporate level remaining unchanged. HTSPE’s strong roster of consultants can continue to access opportunities with the firm though the website, through their personal contacts, and through DAI’s online careers page.



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