DAI Staff Donate to Kathmandu Orphanage in Wake of Nepal Earthquakes

May 18, 2015

In the aftermath of Nepal’s recent earthquakes, DAI staff have raised £1,000 to support a Kathmandu orphanage home to 12 children.

The fundraising effort was led by London-based project manager Cari Wood, whose family has supported the Grace Home Orphanage since 2000.

(D.R. Thulung, center, founded the Grace Home Orphanage in 2000.)

“Thankfully, the kids and staff are safe from the disaster, including the second earthquake [May 12],” said Cari. “But they’re in need of basic resources, as power has been cut and many of their homes have been destroyed or damaged. As one of them described in a message to me, they are ‘staying under the open sky’.”

The orphanage was founded in October 2000 by D.R. Thulung, a former sherpa who now works as a local tour guide in addition to his responsibilities at Grace Home. A few years later he also set up Grace School, where teachers volunteer their time to give less fortunate children access to a basic education.

“The money you have donated will be in D.R.’s hands to use for the children,” wrote Cari in a note to staff, “to assure they have shelter and the basic needs as the country rebuilds its infrastructure.”



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