Samantha Weinberg is an international development professional with a background in corporate social responsibility, business and human rights, and corruption.

After graduating from Boston University, Samantha worked at the African Presidential Center, a USAID-funded nonprofit, where she managed programs related to economic development and governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Also prior to joining DAI, Samantha worked as a Project Manager at Forum One, advising mission-driven organizations on digital projects including websites, mobile applications, and software. She has worked in corporate social responsibility consulting related to labor and human rights in supply chains for a D.C.-based firm and on business and human rights programs at the non-profit Ceres. Samantha held various positions in project management, communications, and technical delivery at the UONGOZI Institute, Columbia University, and the National Human Rights Council of Morocco.



Danijela Momirovic

Danijela Kostic performs management, coordination, planning, and assessments of information and communications technology (ICT) projects, writing technical documentation, reviewing ICT components for DAI projects, working on proposals with ICT components, and designing tailored solutions for project beneficiaries.

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