Robert Salerno specializes in the intersection of health and nutrition and the role of livelihoods to improve health outcomes. He provides technical assistance and management support to DAI’s health projects, focusing on household-level analysis, vulnerability mapping, and the design and support of programming to build the resilience of vulnerable populations. Robert served as [technical manager][3] for the U.S. Agency for International Development-funded Urban Agriculture Project for HIV/AIDS affected women and children in Ethiopia. From 2009–2010, Robert served as the communications and reporting officer on the USAID-funded RESPOND program, designing program implementation strategies and metrics for monitoring and evaluation. Robert has performed assignments in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In addition to technical assignments, Robert works extensively on new business acquisition initiatives and project performance monitoring and evaluation. Before joining DAI, Robert was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Fiji Islands working on an agribusiness project.



Max Goldensohn

Max Goldensohn joined the Peace Corps after college and spent two years in Gabon building schools with villagers in remote communities. After graduate school, Max went to Laos as a civilian volunteer during the Vietnam War and taught future teachers to do community development.

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