Polly Gillingham is a livelihoods specialist, with a particular interest in social inclusion and institutions for the governance of—and resolution of conflicts over—natural resources. Polly began her career focusing on water resources, but over the years her experience has encompassed inclusive growth and institutional development. Her range of work includes programme design, bid preparation, programme evaluation, quality assurance of key programme deliverables, work programming, and budgeting. An accomplished writer, Polly has authored numerous technical reports, websites, and case studies.

Polly joined the company in 2000. Prior to that she worked for a local consultancy based in Tanzania. Since joining the company she has managed programmes in Bangladesh, Nigeria, and South Africa, as well as being part of the core team for the Evidence on Demand programme and its predecessor programmes. Currently, Polly is the director responsible for DFID and other U.K.-funded bids within the DAI Europe Business Development Unit.



Antonio Iskandar

Antonio Iskandar is leading DAI’s efforts in the Citizen Security area by supporting business development efforts, the generation of knowledge and technical products, and the successful implementation of projects within that practice.

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