Before joining DAI, Kristen Roggemann held advisory and business development positions within a variety of mobile-for-development and international development organizations, most recently as the Strategic Partnerships Manager for GSMA mWomen, driving partnership strategy at the intersection of the mobile operator and international development sectors.

Prior to working for GSMA, Kristen was the Business Development Manager for a mobile services firm in Palestine. Kristen delivered mobile partnerships in more than 12 countries, doubling the firm’s market footprint and developing new product lines. Before that, Kristen was a management consultant at The Bridgespan Group in New York City.

Kristen has extensive field experience in the Middle East and Africa working on mobile-for-development initiatives in both public and private sector contexts, and got her start in international development through a Fulbright Scholarship to study women’s literacy in Morocco in 2005.



Marina Krivoshlykova

Marina Krivoshlykova is a Principal Global Practice Manager for DAI’s Private Sector Development and Skills practice.

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