While working at The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in Amman, Jordan, Jamal Al Jabiri progressed from clerical positions to managing a post at the bank’s currency trading desk, then managing a small investment portfolio, and finally directing the correspondent relations department. Ten years into his career at the housing bank, Jamal answered an ad for a position with the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) Economic Growth Office in Jordan. With little expectation of competing for the position, he submitted his qualifications and shortly thereafter was hired as a project management specialist, managing small projects at first and eventually becoming increasingly involved in some of the most cutting-edge economic development projects in Jordan.

“To be able to walk around the city and see and touch the changes that have been made is a singular experience, and knowing you contributed makes the experience that much more meaningful.” — Jamal Al Jabiri

When he began to see the tangible outcomes of his team’s efforts, from more products available in the supermarket to increased telephone access, Jamal knew he was taking part in something meaningful. He eventually became USAID/Jordan’s Deputy Director for the Office for Economic Opportunities, the first Jordanian to hold that position. As a Cognizant Technical Officer, Jamal designed and managed the largest USAID Economic Opportunities projects in Jordan. He managed a privatization program that became the model partnership between USAID, the World Bank, and the Government of Jordan, and he has helped facilitate trade agreements with the United States as well as revamp Jordan’s capital markets. In 2008 he joined DAI, where he is tasked with broadening and deepening DAI’s long history of delivering development results in Jordan and the region.



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