Harris Khalique is an internationally recognized civil society leader with more than 20 years of professional and voluntary work with civil society organizations with a focus on human rights and community development. He has held senior management and advisory positions with national and international nongovernmental organizations and civil society networks. He has work experience across Pakistan and has consulted, worked full time and advised in the U.K., India, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, and throughout South Asia. His experience also includes working on gender issues, specifically around women’s political rights and gender-based violence. He served on the research advisory committee of the National Commission on the Status of Women in Pakistan.

Harris is also a poet and has penned poetry in both Urdu and English; his poetry appears in anthologies published by the University of Georgia Press, W.W. Norton and Co. and the Oxford University Press and on the web at lyrikline.org. He also co-wrote a book of creative nonfiction with the partition of South Asia in 1947 serving as the backdrop.



Annie Baldridge

Annie Baldridge has a background in law and public health and has been working in international development for the last eight years. She joined DAI after consulting with the company for two years and is now is a senior global practice specialist for the public financial management team.

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