Fatimah Kelleher is an international women’s rights and social development consultant with 16 years of experience working with a variety of international, regional, and national stakeholders in Africa, South Asia, and the Caribbean. With multi-disciplinary expertise in research, project design, programming, monitoring and evaluation, and policy advocacy, Fatimah specialises in women’s economic empowerment and justice, education, and health. Her experience within women’s economic empowerment and justice includes employment and equitable access to markets, gender justice and trade policy/export promotion, women’s empowerment and justice within market systems approaches, rural development, enterprise development, gender and women’s rights in private sector development, women cross-border traders, and gender responsive budgeting and investment.

As an educationalist, Fatimah specialises in equity and equality issues within education provision, including girl-child, adolescent and women’s adult education, women and the teaching profession, reaching marginalised and remote communities, non-formal education, skills acquisition and training, and gender responsive schooling. She has also conducted research and delivered technical assistance in the area of maternal and child health.

Fatimah has worked extensively in Nigeria, particularly in the north, and has also worked in Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Pakistan, India, Liberia and Guyana. Her past and current experience has involved work with local civil society organisations, UN agencies, the Commonwealth Secretariat, nongovernmental groups, and the U.K. Department for International Development. Fatimah has published widely in her areas of work, delivering empirical research, policy documents, papers, and media articles.



Sunil Mehra

Sunil Mehra has 38 years of worldwide experience in health, covering a diverse and multi-disciplinary career which includes senior management positions for 30 years in organisations and projects leading multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams at national and international levels.

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