Clive English is a highly experienced project manager and adviser with more than 35 years of project experience in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and South Asia. Originally trained as a geographer and then an agric engineer, Clive started work on soil surveys for irrigation development and worked on programs both as an irrigation agronomist and land use planner. He later became involved in consultations and planning for resettlement of communities impacted by large dams in Lesotho, and later issues related to land tenure.

For the last 15 years he has been responsible for the successful design testing and implementation of large-scale systematic land registration projects for DAI in Ethiopia, Guyana, Mongolia, Mozambique, and Rwanda. More recently, he has worked for a large-scale, land-based investor in Sierra Leone where he was responsible for community/stakeholder consultations, demarcating village lands, and negotiating access to land for sustainable commercial agricultural production. In this capacity he was also responsible for ensure food security and management of land rent and compensation payments.



Felicity Buckle

Felicity Buckle coordinates DAI’s land portfolio across a variety of donors, supporting business development and programme management teams.

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