Christopher Seeley is an expert in sustainable livelihoods, alternative development, and the design and management of large-scale, multi-objective rural development programs. Over a 25-year career in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and the United States, Chris has worked extensively with local municipalities, nongovernmental organizations, producer associations, and bilateral and multilateral donors in enabling vulnerable communities to prioritize investments, strategically develop enabling infrastructure (social and physical), and target resources on quick-impact yet long-yielding economic initiatives. Due to the nature of his experience, Chris brings analytical and technical insights to a wide range of issues, including agricultural production and agribusiness, public works (irrigation, water and sanitation, roads, and power), small and medium-sized enterprise development, natural resource management, institutional strengthening, and local governance. At DAI, Chris oversees a portfolio of projects in the Environment sector and provides significant cross-sectoral assistance and support to field projects in agribusiness, economic growth, stability, and natural resources. He also takes part in identifying and mobilizing technical and reconnaissance teams for specific new business opportunities.



George Akl

George Akl is an institutional governance and development expert with 25 years of experience working with international donors supporting water and wastewater, environment, and private sector engagement programs across the Middle East and North Africa.

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