Alex Kitain is a Harvard-trained public administration professional with a unique combination of skills in tax policy, tax and customs administration, tax and financial accounting, trade, economics, and public finance. Over the past 18 years, Alex has helped countries strike a balance between creating an enabling business environment and generating revenues for public sector services and infrastructure. He has worked to reform public finance, tax, and customs architecture in some 15 countries, among them: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Georgia, Moldova, Kosovo, Philippines, Russia, South Sudan, and Tajikistan. His clients have included the U.S. Agency for International Development, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union, and United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Originally a hydropower engineer, Alex began his “next” career by helping restructure failing former Soviet enterprises and creating a conducive business environment for new entrepreneurs. Alex has since helped countries redesign their tax and customs architecture, improve business licensing environment, reform taxation of capital markets, optimize public finances, and more.



Jonathan Greenham

For 30 years, Jonathan Greenham has focused on identifying new options for agribusiness entrepreneurs in developing countries, improving production, increasing access to markets, and forging public-private partnerships.

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