Adam Fivenson is a user research and digital design specialist at DAI’s Center for Digital Acceleration. He uses human centered-design to create tools for transparency and accountability, citizen engagement, and youth empowerment. Most recently, he designed and launched an award-winning mobile app for municipal budget transparency and citizen engagement in Guatemala and carried out Frontier Insights rapid user research in Cambodia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, El Salvador, and Rwanda. Adam works with civil society organizations help them use technology and innovation processes to accelerate their impact. He also supports projects in designing social media outreach and engagement strategies.

Prior to joining DAI, Adam was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic, training young people in computer skills and improving organizational capacity to use technology, and worked as a social media and marketing specialist in New York City.



Harris Khalique

Harris Khalique is an internationally recognized civil society leader with more than 20 years of professional and voluntary work with civil society organizations with a focus on human rights and community development. He has held senior management and advisory positions with national and international nongovernmental organizations and civil society networks.

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