Aaron Sheldon performs multiple roles in DAI project implantation and business development. With a background in conflict management, political science, and governance, he brings more than 10 years of experience to technical and operational assignments. Throughout project design and implementation he looks for opportunities to empower local partners to realize their goals, building on their assets and capabilities.

Aaron strives to bridge the gap between programmatic goals and operational requirements, identifying compliant and efficient implementation approaches to achieve project goals. Drawing on his experience in project start-up and closedown in Somalia, Liberia, Kenya, and Zambia, he helps projects overcome challenges of limited capacity, complex regulations, and non-permissive operating environments. Aaron managed the Transition Initiatives for Stabilization in Somalia project, and currently manages the Uganda Governance, Accountability, Participation, and Performance program.



Leland Howard

Leland Howard is the Strategic Recruitment Manager for DAI’s Center for Secure and Stable States.

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