Emerging Infectious Diseases

Environmental changes, as well as economic and technological advancements, have changed how we interact with each other and our world, allowing infectious diseases to spread around the world at a much faster pace. As new diseases and disease variants capture headlines, we are increasingly aware of the risks created by the growing interconnectedness of the global health landscape.

Most emerging infectious diseases are animal diseases that can be transmitted to people. Understanding these interactions allows us to better prepare for, monitor, and respond to diseases at their source. We address these challenges at multiple levels, facilitating coordinated responses across sectors for a holistic approach to disease management.

A strong response starts with building the capacity of governments, communities, universities, and regional professional networks. For example, we build training curricula and instructional quality into programs for first-responders, support regional university-led One Health networks to strengthen public health epidemiology systems, and form cadres of public health professionals to address outbreaks. Communities and countries can most effectively mitigate the impact and spread of disease by employing preparedness, surveillance, and response efforts in tandem.

Our Experts

Robert Salerno specializes in the intersection of health and nutrition and the role of livelihoods to improve health outcomes. He provides technical assistance and management support to DAI’s health projects, focusing on household-level analysis, vulnerability mapping, and the design and support of programming to build the resilience of vulnerable populations.

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Dr. Emmanuel Sokpo is a specialist clinician with extensive training in public health.

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